As a blogger I have come across many fashion blogs that make me really want to have an eye out for that cute unique outfit or accessory to make an outfit. One of my days perusing the web I came across quite an interesting accessory…if thats what  you want to call it.

The item is called “Rolltop”. On first glance it appears to be a cylindrical purse in white and red. However, when the purse rolls out it turns out to be a laptop computer!

From what I can tell this is still in the beginning stages and hasnt made it to completion yet but the idea sounds amazing!!

This is what it looks like at the stage it is in right now. Go to to check out the video to see all the nuances of this amazing product! Let me know what you think!


8 thoughts on “Rolltop??

  1. HOLY COW! That is like the COOLEST thing I’ve EVER seen!

    LOVE all the things you can do with it!

    I checked for a price but couldn’t find it on the website. I bet it’s pretty penny though!

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed!

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