Bunnies :)

So I would like to introduce everyone to the newest additions to the family.. Bunnies :). My boyfriends mom had a bunny just passed away so we spent hours searching craigslist for a new bunny for her. Luckily we found a breeder literally just down the street from their house. We went with his sister and surprised his mom with two baby bunnies. I fell in love with the bunnies and had to go back and get one more for him and I. Here are the pictures of our bunnies:

They are all from the same litter so they are all very close. Its adorable! Often we catch then licking each other presumably to clean each other. So glad we got them together as ours in particular is very scared and spent alot of the first day shaking, I think being with its siblings really helped the transition.

Our Bunny! Smoky Ashes 🙂


Touky- named for his unusual head movement which resembles a toucan.

What do you think of our newest additions?

Caramel- and unfortunately a little bit of me- hazard of doing personal posts...


6 thoughts on “Bunnies :)

  1. Okay, can I just tell ya how much I LOVE bunnies???

    And, OMG, all these bunnies you share here are so precious!!!

    LOVE your new additions as well as Smoky Ashes!

    Touky is soooooo ADORABLE. The spiky hair and ears are flawless!

    And Caramels’ color is so unigue.

    When I was kid I had a gray bunny. I think his name (because I can’t exactly remember) was Snuggles. He was such a cutie.

    Aren’t bunnies just the BEST? Congrats on your new additions!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    Oh bunnies, what’s not to love? I used to have one a while back. His name was Bailey Bunny and he was all black. Miss the little hopper.

  3. Oh my wow! I love them. Touky is absolutely adorable. I could eat them all right up (figuratively speaking…).

    I love bunnies, but am pretty sure I’m allergic. I worked at a vet for a few years and they are the only animals that ever made me sneeze.

  4. bunnies are pretty cute.

    but from what i remember of my cousins, they’re quite messy, no? I just can’t be cleaning up that much poop on a regular basis.

    which is why i’m still considering children.

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