First I should start off by saying I am a sucker for kids films. When I saw the previews for “Hop” I was beyond excited. To start off with I absolutely adore Russel Brand. I first saw him in “Saving Sarah Marshall” and I was absolutely hooked. His accent mixed with his offbeat humor is something second to none. When I found how he was the voice for the bunny in this movie I was extremely excited to see the movie.

For the most part I was not disappointed. His character had a few zingy one liners that really stuck with you throughout the movie. My absolute favorite part of the movie is when he is outside the playboy mansion trying to find a place to stay.  This is a bit of adult humor that should definitely be looked out for.

But now for the reason I am not a fan of this movie. Through all the excitement of this movie I was also interested to see a movie about Easter. After racking my brain a bit I really couldnt think of another movie that was focused on Easter. The possibilities are endless with this new territory and I was really interested to see what they would do with it.

Granted, I will give them credit the factory at the start of the movie was very interesting and creative but the creativity stops there. This movie became a spin off of every Christmas movie a person can imagine- all rolled into one. The ending of the movie was the last straw for me an unfortunately this is what stuck with me- the humor got lost in its. unoriginality.

With an ending like: “Happy Easter to all and to all a Good Night”- would you be able to enjoy the rest of the movie?

5 thoughts on “Hop

  1. An Easter movie. Interesting. Don’t think there are too many of those out there. I do like Russell Brand, but I’ve only seen him in a couple things.

  2. Yup…I too am a sucker for kid films.

    Toy Story is my all-time favorite, although I truly think it’s more of a film for adults because of the subtle humor. I don’t care how many times I watch it, I HOWL.

    This film sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haven’t seen this one yet but wouldn’t mind giving it a shot lol. Seems like it has some good hidden humor to it. Besides who doesn’t like kids films right lol.

  4. i have watched it, unfortunately without seeing its trailer. i was so disappointed because i expected it to be a full animated film, not expecting real humans being in it. but if i were to remove all the humans-related part, i actually enjoyed it a lot!

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