Take a Stiff

So apparently the newest facebook craze is a thing called “planking”? Driving in to work this morning I heard that a 20 year old Australian man died attempting to plank from a seven story window. I had no idea what planking even was until this story. Apparently people lay down and make themselves completely stiff in the most awkward places in order to    take pictures for facebook. Here are some of the more ridiculous ones I have run across in my search:

All of these pictures bring one thought to mind- are you crazy?? All for the hope of a few comments and maybe some people to “like” your picture?? I dont understand why dangerous trends start and catch on all due to social networking. Why cant we just enjoy keeping in contact with our friends and stop making this networking an ongoing competition. Does someone always need to die in order for the ridiculous nature of these events to set in? Will this death stop planking? Sadly I think it only made it go viral…

9 thoughts on “Take a Stiff

  1. I just read about this earlier today on another blog. Up until today I never heard of it. But I agree with you that this is just plain stupidity. But like anything else, once a fad begins, it snowballs into something larger than itself. Social media is like anything else….it can be used for good, or it can be misused.

  2. WTH????


    I’ve never even heard of this before! Figures, since I barely spend any time on Facebook 😦

    “I don’t understand why dangerous trends start and catch on all due to social networking. Sadly I think it only made it go viral…”


    And to think that years ago they considered goldfish swallowing dangerous – HA!

  3. People these days right what will they think of next. Guess the answer is unfortunately planking. Glad to see people have nothing better to do in their spare time lol. Ah the wonderful things that emerge from the use of facebook lol. This has even been the focus of news reports on tv as well. I can’t help but think of a pack of lemmings when i hear about this type of stuff. Just one after another following each other aimlessly.

  4. I’d never heard of this either until the news story yesterday morning. I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room and they had the television on. Otherwise, I’d have never heard of it until reading your blog! The only question I have is, are we having fun yet? Just doesn’t look so fun. I must be old fashioned about things like that. I sort of like hanging out with nice people and sharing a meal and a few laughs. I must be so un-cool. 🙂

  5. wow, hahaha! it is funny thinking anyone would want to do this just to impress someone or for people to like their photo. it serve no purpose at all! XD

  6. Yes sadly somepeople will do anything for there 15 minutes which I guess in this fast paced world is now more like 15 seconds of fame. No this one death won’t stop it. Its gonna another even more stupid fad to come along before this ends. Next thing you know it’ll be tandum planking or group planking. I wish someone would start a lemming trend lol so maybe then we wouldn’t have very many of these stupid people left.

  7. Crazy though it sounds, I can see how someone might find it fun (although my abs would definitely not be up for the challenge!) – it’s too bad some people always take it too far and take unnecessary risks though!

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