Im sorry Ma’am but you smell too good today.

So a few days ago I open my student email to find an interesting email:

“The University is holding a campus-wide discussion on the question of whether FSU should become a fragrance, chemical and tobacco free campus.  As we all know, exposure to second hand smoke presents health risks; likewise, the health of individuals with sensitivities to chemicals in fragrances, cleaners, and disinfectants can also be adversely affected.  Conversely, would banning fragrances, chemicals and tobacco be an undue infringement on an individual’s ability to exist happily on this campus?  From a practical point of view, is it realistic that individuals would honor these bans, if implemented?”


After reading this email my mind is racing with a thousand and one questions. First and foremost, who actually thought banning fragrances was a good/essential idea? I do understand that many people suffer from allergies and strong fragrances can be an issue but throughout a campus? Our classes hold no more than 40 students (and thats a large class for our school) and I wouldnt say we are ever in extreme close quarters. Should I be fearing a more extreme change that is insinuated here? Could our campus be toying with the idea of moving class sessions to elevator shafts? Maybe the idea of classes in bathroom stalls has become a topic of interest. If these scenarios are on the possibility map then I can see the concern.

My next question would be, how would fragrance be separated from super awesome smelling deodorants and super long lasting shampoo? Should we all band together and buy the plainest deodorant we can find (bye bye cucumber melon) and tell our boyfriends to save the after shave for a night on the town?

Finally, how exactly would this be implemented? Will each entrance campus buildings be monitored by a member of the sniff personnel? Clearly it wouldnt be an invasion of privacy to have someone sniff me up and down to be sure I am not wearing a banned substance on campus!


I dont know about you but my Sweet Honesty isn’t going anywhere- banned or not- and thats my final answer!


Sweet Honesty by Avon Cologne Spray 1.7 oz for Female


What would you do if you campus/place of employment toyed with the idea of banning fragrances?

7 thoughts on “Im sorry Ma’am but you smell too good today.

  1. This is rediculous! Ok… ok so we all know second hand smoke is harmful so I could see smoking being limited to designated areas so those who don’t wanna be around it don’t have to deal with it. But why should everyone have to go without because some people are sensitive to the chemicals. Maybe those sensitive people should take it appon themselves to stay away from the chemicals. I mean if thier so allergic that smelling someones perfume will do them harm then they shouldn’t be out in public where they could be exposed to the danger. Its time people start taking responcibilty for themselves instead of expecting the world to conform to them. If I were at a place trying to do this i’d make damn sure to put on my aftershave, axe body spray, or cologne everday.

  2. I guess my question is are people not allowed to put this stuff on at the school or just not allowed to smell like anything? Because I’m positive that I could smoke off campus and go in reeking of smoke and not have a problem. So why not the same with perfume?

    And is this just artificial smells? Can hippies still smell like rose oil? How about B.O. are people still allowed to stink? I mean what if they’re foreign? They just can’t help it sometimes.

  3. I’m all for individual rights but the simple fact is – your rights end at the tip of my nose. The second your desired way of living, be it smoking or wearing a chemical fragrance, negatively impacts another person’s ability to live their life, you’ve got to change. People with extra sensitivities can’t be condemned to a life of isolation just because you want to smell like the middle of a magazine. In another time (one that probably never actually existed but I digress)you could just turn to someone and say, you smell like the inside of a whore house, take a bath and tone it down next time… but now we leave it to the institutions to make blanket rules that could have uncomfortable repercussions.

    My middle school actually tried to implement something like this in the late 90s because of a teacher’s sensitivity. If you had her class – no scents, no smoke, no hair spray, you even had to use unscented soap and deoderant. A girl was removed one day for wearing perfume. The next day the girl came back and dumped the whole bottle into the heating vent. The teacher left that day and didn’t return. One career ruined. We had subs for 6 months until they hired a replacement. That is why I can’t speak Spanish. the moral: even if you had a ban, people will ignore it and the most easily offended will always find a way to get offended.

    On another side note, who cares. Perfumes are for first dates. Smoking is dumb and shouldn’t be done anywhere.If you need a gallon of axe to hide what your body does on a normal day, you have bigger issues than a campus wide ban.

    • First thing no one is saying to drentch yourself, I agree that’s over the top. Second why should one person’s or a small minorities sensitivity ruin things for everyone. You wanna go back in time… well there use to be a time where if someone had sensitivities that were so bad that they couldn’t interact with people on a daily basis they were home schooled. If someone can’t be a functioning member of society for whatever reason then its up to them or there families to make concessions not the rest of the world. And hey there’s this magical thing now called online school so they don’t have to leave the comfurt of there odor free homes

  4. Wow, that seems like overkill…
    And funny, but my workplace actually does prohibit us from wearing fragrances – apparently it interferes with the coffee aroma…(I work at Starbucks). I do think I’d get a talking to if I noticeably smelled like anything, but most of the time I put on fragrance in the morning and it’s sufficiently worn off by the time I go to work. Still, a little crazy, right?

  5. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog. It was nice meeting you!

    Well, being someone who likes wearing fragrance, I think this is kinda extreme, although I’ve heard they’re doing this a lot in office buildings. I can totally understand smoking, but wearing a fragrance? No way.

    “Finally, how exactly would this be implemented? Will each entrance campus buildings be monitored by a member of the sniff personnel?”

    HA! Love that!

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