American Pyscho

So the next movie on our list of must sees’ was “American Psycho”. I had really not heard a thing about this movie but since I have an unhealthy obsession with seeing movies that were adapted from books I was quick to want to see it. The basic premise of the movie is: It’s about a upperclass NY man Patrick Bateman who works on Wall Street and is the shining example of a Yuppie. At the start of the movie the guy seems a bit odd but otherwise pretty harmless. However , as the movie goes on his “mask of insanity” starts to slip and he begins committing murders that range from killing a dog to twisted sexual abuse. This movie really got to me because it show the effect society can have on people and how some people “Just want to fit in” as Bateman says and how detrimental that can really be.

I was looking on a forum about this movie and I can across this snip it from a magazine:


Salon: Were you secretly smiling about the irony of the despicable character being named “Paul Allen” – the co-founder of Microsoft?

Harron: That was the worst thing that happened. They wouldn’t let me use “Paul Owen.”

Salon: Who is “they?”

Harron: The legal department of Lion’s Gate. They said, “There’s a Paul Owen in the New York phone book, and he won’t give us permission to use his name.” Which was ridiculous. So they gave me a list of names and I said, “Oh. Well, Allen sounds like Owen.” I must have been the only person in the world who didn’t know who Paul Allen was. And no one said, “Did you get permission to use that name?” And I was like, “It’s too late, we already shot with it.” That’s horrible. I felt so bad






Do you think that this was a serious mistake or was that just said because they didn’t want to admit their sick sense of humor? Given the nature of the movie this character name seems like the perfect choice! A Microsoft exec would be exactly the type of man Bateman would be jealous of and hence choose to chop up with an axe. I think this name choice brings more meaning to the characters vengeance I just think it would have been a bit more tasteful to choose someone who fit the mold but wasnt actually alive to see a character with their name brutally killed. What are your thoughts? Was it a mistake or was it intentionally planted to add another layer of unconformability for the audience?

4 thoughts on “American Pyscho

  1. Oh my gosh!! Man if I was Paul Allen I would be so embarrassed!! But it’s nice that he apologized. I think it was a mistake but it did help add another layer of as you say uncomformability for the audience and that’s what the movie seems to be about so I guess it worked!!
    You can so repost that video!! I’m so glad you liked it!! When my friends saw it they were like “what the heck is this” so I’m glad somebody else likes it!!

  2. What’s in a name…
    I find it hard to believe that there’s only one guy in New York named Paul Owen and the fact that he exists stopped a production company from using his name. That’s why movies and TV shows run the disclaimer “characters represented here in no way represent any persons living or dead”… That little line must have saved South Park countless times.

    If they used Allen as a jab or commentary, they should have owned up to it by now. It’s really not that shocking.

    At the end of the day, the name doesn’t really matter. Writers have to call their characters something and something that fits the character. So what, you happen to have the same name as a guy in a movie. Do you know how many people out there had to grow up with otherwise pedestrian names like Ted Bundy, or Michael Myers, or anyone born after 1928 named Adolf! Even a name with a positive connotation can be hard. Imagine being named Albert Einstein in 6th grade. No wonder Al Einstein changed his name to Al Brooks and his brother just goes by Super Dave. Sucks to be them, sure, a little. But a name is just a name and chances are there are other people out there with your name too and guess what, at least one of them is, was, or will be a total loony tune!

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