Can dogs read?

I love to believe that my dog is remarkably intelligent- she is the dog who can find my wrapped chocolate, unwrap it, eat what she wishes and wrap it back up as best she can without opposable thumbs. However I never really fathomed the idea that my dog could read. I ran across this video on my internet travels and now I am beginning to wonder:

What do you think? Can this dog really read or has the owner instructed him to learn a pattern that he follow  making it look like he is reading? I dont have the answer but when the sign “BANG” comes up the dogs reaction is nothing short of adorable!

One thought on “Can dogs read?

  1. Its hard to say weather willow is actually reading or if maybe the trainer uses some other type of signal or maybe just a pattern like you said. But if the dog can read it wouldn’t suprise me. You can train a dog to do almost anything using the right technique and enough time.

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