Feta, beets, and kale oh my!

On another quest for a vegetarian meal that I the carnivore will tolerate I ran across a blog called grilledcheesesocial.com. Instantly I fell in love with the humor she mixed in with the recipes and the gorgeous pictures she took. I am sure I will be blogging about her recipes time and time again but we have completed our first sandwhich from her site and all of us give it an A plus plus. To see her recipe please go to: http://www.grilledcheesesocial.com/search?updated-min=2010-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&updated-max=2011-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=31

from there check out her “Hodge Podge Sandwhich”

From her site it told us this is what we would need:

-2 slices of white mountain bread
-1/2 cup of goat cheese
-2 tabs of real salted butter
-2 tbs sauteed kale
-2 tbs sauteed oyster, portabello, shitake mushrooms
-2 tbs diced roasted beets

On her site she included hyperlinks on how to make the sauteed kate and the mushrooms so if you are unfamiliar please link to her site and follow her hyperlinks.

Now to start I should tell you we made a few adjustments to the recipe to fit everyones taste. One big thing we changed is we didnt use goat cheese but instead used tomato and basil feta. Also for the Kale we used fresh cloves of garlic rather than already cloved garlic. Finally for the beats we used fresh beets rather than dried roasted beets. We just sauteed the beats in butter.

The first thing we did was chop the Kale and the Beets:

Once that was done we began sauteing everything in butter. We started with the beets, then moved to the mushrooms. One thing the mushrooms suggested we used was dried Italian herbs so we chose Roast and stuffing mix. As I was chopping I realized there was something indestructible mixed in here…

We dont want to eat a branch!

After we got through that possible Hazard we got on to cooking the mushrooms and finally the Kale. One thing to remember READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. The boyfriend starting getting comfortable thinking he knew what he was doing and decided to add red vinegar to the pan before anything else! HUGE MISTAKE. The now hot vinegar sprayed back at him and coated the stove. Quick wash thankfully rectified this but just goes to show, “doesnt read directions well, doesnt play nice” to quote him.

After Sauteing the mushrooms (left) and Sauteing the Kale (Right) we mixed the beets with the cheese to make a nice paste for the sandwich. We tried following the pictures on the blog but found spreading cheese on both slices of bread made the sandwich hard to close without making a mess. However after we figured that out the process was rather easy: spread the cheese, line one side with mushrooms, one side with Kale, close sandwich, slab of butter in pan, slab of butter on top of sandwich, grill to your liking and voila!

Let me know when you try it! Definitely on my list for making again!

3 thoughts on “Feta, beets, and kale oh my!

  1. Hey! I’m so happy you made it and I’m all for altering recipes to fit your taste, so way to go!! Thanks for the shout out, too! Now you’ve got me thinking about this feta cheese grilled cheese that I have yet to post, so thanks for the reminder! Keep up the awesome work!



  2. This isn’t quite on the grilled cheese topic but the kale and mushrooms made me think of it. A while back I was watching some food show and one of the dishes was called a hot salad. You take a cooked green ie: spinach kale or schard, saute up some of your favorite veggies, and top off with crumbled cheese and toasted nuts. I made one with spinach, mushrooms, onions, yellow bell peppers, crumbled guta, and toasted peanuts and it was amazing.

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