“If I was richer I’d still be with ya…”

So along with many of my other hobbies and interests one of the main things I am focusing on is singing. Eventually I am hoping to join some sort of cover band and actually be able to sing on stage. At the moment my singing consists of singing in the shower as well as Karaoke nights at my favorite bar. Despite my lack of success in this department I am always on the look out for new fun songs to sing and my main criteria when looking is attitude! Not to long ago a good friend of mine directed me to this youtube video suggesting that it might be in my wheelhouse:

After listening to that and deciding I was in love with it- I needed to go look for the original. Heres what I found:

Now I am officially in love with both versions! Who can resist a little kid saying f*** you lol! Tell me what you think- which version do you prefer?

5 thoughts on ““If I was richer I’d still be with ya…”

  1. I’m no prude but just on the sound of the phrase, I prefer “F you” to fuck or forget you. Love the song though, great throwback style.
    Can’t believe how upset some people are getting about it though… like America has lost it’s moral compass because a song with a swear in the title is so popular.

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