Got Art?

Awhile back I had been looking for some Art work to liven up my walls. After some search I found Artistico’s shop on Etsy. He has amazing artwork coupled with adorable quotes and inventive titles! The English major in me cant help but giggle at all the creative artwork he has paired with really catchy quotes and titles.

Take for example his “Keep Walking” series:

This one is just one of many in the series but is my absolute favorite! All of the ones in the series pictures a show on a fun background with the words “Keep Walking”. This one might have to be my next purchase from his shop!

His photography isnt free from the adorable quotes either! This photography on top of being beautifully shot is titled “I shall wait for you”. Let the “awwws” commence:

If you dont see exactly what you want but like his style- he also accepts custom orders!

Go check out his shop now and you can enter his Giveway but hurry it ends 1/31!

Find his Giveaway here:

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