I think I might be in love!

I am the girl that you will see never wearing any jewlery- not because I dont like it but because I am horrible at remembering to put it on. However, I have found a little shop on Etsy that has pieces that I absolutely need to have. To see the shop go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/markhed?page=1

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Baby Franken Heart Sterling Silver Necklace by Markhed - made to order allow 5 days before shipping -

This is titled Baby F ranken Heart and it is absolutely adorable. I was so fascinated by it I started doodling it while I was bored at work yesterday!

Rib Cage with Heart Silver Necklace - Ready to Ship - by Markhed

This is titled Rib cage with Heart. I love how it takes the gothic look of anatomy but makes it cute by using the valentine type heart rather than the anatomical. Its just so different and adorable!

These next pieces I cant decide between they are just adorable and I think I need to have both:

LOVE studs, sterling silver stamped earrings - Made to Order - Allow 5 Business Days to Ship - by Markhed Stud Earring Combo Pack by Markhed

Hard to see but on the top left corner of the box image is two square earings that each respectively say “yes” and “no”. Those paired with the “Lo” “Ve” earings make must have earrings.

Not all these pieces have a gothic feel to it: some are feminine but still hold on to their originality. One of my fav feminine pieces is this stack able pearl ring:

Stackable Silver and Pearl Rings, set of four by Markhed

With all these great choices now I just need to choose which ones I am going to buy when!

There are so many cute items in this shop and whats better they are handcrafted sterling silver! I am not a fan of gold and the way it looks so I am always on the search for cute sterling silver pieces. What is your favorite piece from MarkHed?

4 thoughts on “I think I might be in love!

  1. And you were worried about having bad taste in jewelry…those all look awesome! I think my favorite is the ribcage one but I really like that stackable pearl ring. I’ve never seen one with pearls before 😛 As for those earrings it’s about time you start wearing some haha. The clickthrough says you get to pick three of the four. Now you’re left with picking the third one…I vote owls dood 🙂

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