Good Will Hunting

To start off this blog, I would like to review the film that the boyfriend and I decided to ring the New Year in with :Good Will Hunting.

Given that we are Bostonians at heart it seemed an appropriate film and the boyfriend had yet to see it so it was an absolute must see.

When the boyfriend first asked about this film, he said he hadn’t seen it because he always thought it was a “corny movie with a message”. I considered that and decided he was entirely wrong but couldn’t come up with a good rationale. However, we have made it through the movie and it got his stamp of approval so I guess it is safe to say this is a good film for anyone to watch.

The basic premise of this movie is about a guy, Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, who is a mathematical genius but severely inhibited by his upbringing in South Boston and the Rap sheet he has accrued because of it.

Will first shows his academic genius on a chalk board late at night while he works as a janitor at Harvard. After being arraigned for an assault charge he is released to a math professor who tries to nurture his mathematical genius while also taking him to see a psychologist and old colleague “Jerry” played by Robin Williams.

The performance of Robin Williams, is as always with Robin Williams, absolutely stellar. He has the hint of the Boston accent and has the rough exterior of a South Boston native while still maintaining the academic presence of a psychologist.

The interaction between Matt Damon and Robin Williams is something to admire. There is a scene in this movie where Robin Williams even won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and many believe it was due to one particular scene where Jerry gives an impressive speech to Will.

The other performance the seems to have gotten a lot of recognition is the performance of Minnie Driver. She however was the one thing I disliked about the movie. For lack of a better reason, her speech seemed to irritate me and it felt as if she always talked with her mouth full. There is really no good reason for my dislike of this actress but I felt she was the one downfall of the movie.

Despite my dislike for the actress- her character was an important person for Will to interact with. She was the first person Will became vulnerable to and her interaction with him was what drove him to finally make serious progress with Jerry.

Without spoiling the ending- this film shows a lot about strong friendships and loyalty and how in the end that far surpasses a constructed higher education in some ways. This film is very inspirational but does not lack humor nor does it hide the gritty language that is the heart of Boston.

One thought on “Good Will Hunting

  1. This is a great movie that after reading this i’m gonna go dig out the VHS and watch again lol. One point of interest not mentioned is that the movie it self was writen by two of the stars(Damon and Affleck) who are from south boston. Other good movies for fans of this one are: The Departed, The Town, boondock saints, gone baby gone, and mystic river…just to name a few.

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