If I had a Youtube Channel…

One of my favorite shows to watch this season is Dancing with the Stars. I will admit that this is my first season watching it. As a dancer of 10 years when I was younger, I feel a bit ashamed to admit this. Fact is, the show is pretty awesome. I decided to give the show a shot because Janel Parrish, an actress from Pretty Little Liars (a show I love) was dancing on this season. So I figured why not? And now I’m hooked!

There is another star on this show that caught my attention. However she caught my attention because I had no clue who she was. Bethany Mota rose to fame through Youtube! Yup, she is the first Dancing with the Stars contestant who came from Youtube and you know what? She’s pretty good!

This got me to thinking though. I already blog, why not try Youtube too? The thing is many of my posts would not translate well to video so I am in debate on what kind of channel I would do if I had one. Here are the two options I am playing with:

1) Dating Handbook: Basically instead of posting my date nights and other cute ideas for dating on my blog I would video them. I would video myself shopping for the idea, creating the idea and maybe even presenting them. Thing is I dont know if anyone really cares to see that stuff…

2) Dream Girl: I have some pretty weird dreams. Mostly about murder…but the dreams are wierd enough that re-creating them might be kinda cool for a video platform. I could ask the viewers to try and shrink the dreams and tell me what they think they mean?

Both ideas have their pros and cons and really I am not sure I am even confident to star in videos every week but it might be fun. I love blogging and Youtube might just be another platform I can have fun with.

What do you guys think?


Cajun Turkey Sandwich!

I will admit to my fellow bloggers that I am not much of a sandwich person. Problem is I get bored very, very fast with all type of food. A long time ago I had a boyfriend who worked at Subway. In order for me to be able to eat any of the subs he made for me he came up with a plan. Instead of making me a sub out of turkey or roast beef or whatever he made me a sub that changed as I ate it. The first quarter might have been roast beef with lettuce and mayo, then the next section could have been turkey with mustard, and the next section could have been salami with something and so on. This was the ONLY sandwich I have ever been able to eat in it’s entirety (except the last bite, but that is another post entirely).

Until now that is.

My friend posted about this “awesome” sandwich she made a few weeks back. I took a screen shot of the ingredients and logged it in the back of my mind as a I will try it when I am out of ideas. Well that moment came this past week. I will admit I was less than excited to try it out but I liked the idea that it was fast for a weeknight. So I figured, why not?

Here are the ingredients:

Cajun Turkey

Bulkie Roll




Iceberg lettuce

For the bacon she used already cooked bacon in a box. We had some frozen bacon so we decided to fry it up fresh for the sandwich.

I will admit the sandwich was super hot but it was also extremely good! Both my boyfriend and I were surprised at how much flavor there was! And of course it was quick and easy to make. Here it is right before my first bite:


Do you guys have any sandwiches you love making on a week night? I would love to hear about them!



I will be the first to admit that I grew up in the technology age. My dad was a computer programmer so I was blessed to have all the latest technology as it came out. One of my oldest memories is being only a few years old, sitting on my dad’s lap playing with Paint on the computer. I was a tech kid. And I am proud of it.

As I grew up my obsession extended to phones and even iPod. I wanted the latest and greatest tech device to keep up with the times. But the thing was, technology was advancing with me. Cell phones really didn’t become huge until I was a teenager. The iPod really didn’t make a huge splash on the scene until I was in my late teens. These were all acceptable ages to have these devices.

Children growing up now are faced with a hard problem. Technology is everywhere and whether they are ready for it or not they will come in to contact with it. The problem is, the manufacturers are really taking advantage of this fact and they are coming up with ridiculous inventions that should just not exist.

The one that got me on this rant is the iPotty. Basically it is a potty with a spot to allow an iPod to be used while on the potty. I think the idea here is to make going potty fun. But seriously?! Kids need to learn this skill whether it is fun or not. We all have done it just fine without the high tech potty’s. I think we need to keep the electronics out of the bathroom!


Then there is the apptivity seat. Basically it is a bouncy chair made to be used with…you guessed it…an ipad. The bouncy seat was meant to keep kids entertained and in one spot. Now adding an iPad makes it so kids will never be able to entertain themselves. They will always be reliant on electronic devices. This to me is absurd and really needs to be nipped in the bud.

download (1)

The article that really lays these absurd toys out can be found here.

The last electronic device I want to gripe about is the Hapifork. Basically it nags you while you eat. So basically we can’t go potty, entertain ourselves or eat without the help of electronic devices.

download (2)

Will we soon get an electronic device to wipe our bums for us too?

All I think when I hear about these devices is iBullshit! What about you? Do you think these gadgets are good ideas or complete iBullshit?


My version of Choctoberfest!

Sometimes when I begin planning a date night I decide to throw all my previous ideas out the window and go with something that someone else has already perfected and make it my own. Coming off of a failed date night I wanted to be sure this date night was a win. And it was…in some ways.

This date night is eloquently titled “Choctoberfest” by the Dating Divas. I get lots of ideas and inspiration from them so it should come as no surprise that this date came from them with a little of my own twist to it. I love the idea of Oktoberfest but I knew that a date in the house was preferable to a big party with lots of drinking so this date night was a perfect fit for us.

To see the Dating Divas date click here!

The thing I loved about their date was the chocolate fountain. Now of course being on a budget a chocolate fountain was not possible for me…but that doesn’t mean chocolate fondue is out of the question.

Instead of a chocolate fountain I bought bags of chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave. Simple as that. I now had a bowl of melted chocolate ready for dipping!

melted chocolate

From here we needed to decide what we were gonna dip. The dating divas also made chocolate treats so their dipping items were not very extensive. We were using this food to eat for the night so we needed a bit more options. We came up with a pretty decent spread:

Our spread

The only thing I didnt get out that I wanted to was the bacon. Chocolate covered bacon is amazing and I really wanted my boyfriend to try it but time constraints made that not happen. Next time!

And finally as always with my date nights I had to have a movie to pair with it. This time the movie was appropriately “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Charlie and Choco

The boy had never seen it and I hadnt seen it in awhile. Its not my favorite Johnny Depp movie but it has some fun parts so it was a nice silly distraction from daily life.

So my friends I ask you, what is your favorite thing to dip in chocolate?


Women can love sports the same way as men!

I don’t know how much I have talked about this on my blog, but I am a Female sports fan. My favorite sport to watch is baseball but I also follow Football pretty closely and I am learning to love Hockey ( since the boyfriend is into it).

I have been into sports since probably middle school or early high school. I was the girl with all guy friends so it kind of came with the territory. I would stay up nights on the phone with one of my guy friends watching a game, complaining about the players and complaining about the penalties. I learned to love the sports. I learned everything about the sports just as well as the boys. In fact I became the person people turned to for their updates. And by people I mean the guys.

But this never carried over to new men I would meet. If I went on a new date and offered to watch a game with a guy they would usually laugh at me and say “I dont want to bore you.” If I tried to strike up a conversation about a particular player most men would say “oh how cute, did you do your research for me?” This ALWAYS infuriated me. But I always told myself I love the game for myself and not for anyone else so who cares what they think.

The funny part is, in every relationship I have ever been in, I have been the sports lover. I have had to beg and plead with the guys in my life to watch a full sports game. They just never had the passion for it that I did. And yet girl’s just don’t get sports, or at least accord to Men’s Health Magazine.

Now I can’t point you to the article because Men’s Health (wisely) deleted it. But this rant came up because they posted an article titled “How to talk to Women about sports.” The premise was basically that women don’t care about stats and instead need story lines.

Now, I will admit I am not a math person. But I do actually like to hear the stats of the game. Do I want to figure them out myself? No. But it does not mean I am not interested in hearing them. And I need story lines? Excuse me? Just because I enjoy a good chick flick doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy a good game, stats and all.

The article is offensive because it lumps all women in as basically incapable of enjoying sports. Yet I am a girl who enjoys sports (without being talked to in a different way about it) and for the most part I know more than many guys do. To learn more about this article and the fall-out click here.

So Men’s Health Magazine please remember, women can be women and enjoy a good sports game.

What do you bloggers think about the Men’s Health article?


The Knotted Trunk!

As I have mentioned before, I feel every blogger should help small shops get their name out there and noticed. A close friend of mine runs an awesome Etsy shop and I really wanted to introduce you guys to it! The Etsy shop called The Knotted Trunk makes awesome household items out of reclaimed wood.

My apartment is basically a mash-up of things that were handed down to me, things I found at savers, things I found at yard sales and then random new items I bought out of need. Nothing really matches or goes with a theme. But the one thing that really resonates with everything in my home (and my life) is that it is unique. That is the main reason I love this shop. Each item is unique and has it’s own rustic charm.

The item I am most interested in buying is the bottle opener. When my bf relaxes at night he likes to pop a cold beer. The down side to this is bottle caps tend to litter my floor. And with a dog in the house anything small like that can be super dangerous! This bottle opener catches the caps in a cute mason jar! This is useful and adorable!

The picture above was taken from their etsy shop! How adorable is that?!

There are many other items that I would absolutely love to get my hands on!

So bloggers it is your turn! Go ahead and browse the shop and let me know what items you are dying to have in the comments below.

Happy Monday!


Park you car THEN walk in. Please and Thank You!

So every once in awhile, a status I post on Facebook sparks a little bit of a debate. Well a few weeks ago this happened to me. The status I posted was this:

“Alright ladies please explain this. Why do you need to be dropped off at the door of your destination and your beau has to catch up with you after parking???”

The inspiration for this was basically every trip to the grocery store ever! I always end up stuck behind some car waiting at the front of the store to let the woman out. I have to sit there and wait for her to collect her things, cross in front of the car, and the car to begin moving again before I can park. Almost every time the woman who gets out is middle aged at most, no disabilities and seemingly perfectly capable of walking from a parking spot into the grocery store. But it still happens time and time again.

The responses on the status started off pretty affirmative. Other women felt this was absurd. I felt validated. But then the generation gap reared its ugly head. Women that were closer to my parent’s age and up felt this was “chivalrous” or “polite”.

The logic basically was that a man should offer this to a woman because it is the right thing to do. I was told “why should two people get wet?”. I mulled these words over and over in my head but still I am not on board.

My feeling is this: If you are elderly or have a disability of course you should get special treatment in this regard (handicap parking anyone?). However, women are always begging for equal rights yet expect a man to drop them at the door of the store instead of walking with them from a parking spot? How is that equal?

I have two legs and I am perfectly capable of walking the same distance as my boyfriend. In fact I would rather walk in with in rather than worrying about how we will meet up once in the store. Plus unless I also send him out to retrieve the car while I wait for the chariot to pick me up in front, my little legs will need to make the walk back from the store so what is the difference?!

I am realizing that this is a generation gap issue. So I turn to you bloggers of all ages. What are your feelings on this? Should a woman expect a man to drop her at the door of a store instead of walking with him from the parking spot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!