Stop Fighting Fire with Fire

I warn you now before you continue reading that this is going to be a rant post. If you don’t want to read that I suggest you stop reading now. On top of that I should warn you that my views on this hot button topic might not jive with yours and again if that will upset you please stop reading. With that being said, I would like to weigh in on the excitement surrounding Fred Phelps death.

For anyone who does not know who this man is, he was the founder of Westboro Baptist Church. This church was highly religious but had all their beliefs backwards and full of hate. They were known for showing up and protesting soldiers funerals with signs that read “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and Homosexual funerals with sings that read “God Hates Fags.”

The protesting didn’t stop there either, this group was known for praising such tragedies as Sandy Hook saying it was punishment from God for society accepting the homosexual lifestyle. Needless to say this guy had a lot of disgusting views and the way he went about preaching was reprehensible and offensive to so many.

That being said, as I look through my Facebook news feed the last few days leading up to his death and following his death I am really disappointed at what I see. Many people are hoping to protest this man’s funeral to give him a taste of what he did to the many people he hurt with his protests. There is a lot of celebrating surrounding his death and a lot of commotion being made. Although I can certainly see the reason for this reaction I am really disappointed that is how our society has chosen to react for a few reasons:

1) This is EXACTLY what he wanted. In fact in an interview he was asked what he would do if people protested his funeral. Want to know what he said? According to this article on CNN he said, “”I’d love it. I’d invite them,” Phelps told the reporter, according to the Wichita Eagle. “I said: ‘I’ll put in my will to pay your way. But not first class.’ “

Knowing this, why on earth would we give him exactly what he wants? If society hates him so much we should do everything in our power to make sure he goes without even a peep. The media attention he is getting is only what he would have wanted. He should go with the least amount of controversy as possible. He thrived off controversy in his life, why hand it to him in his death?

2) Hate breeds hate. I know this is hard to hear but just because he did hateful things doesn’t mean we need to retaliate with hate. I remember an old saying that said the best way to get back at your worst enemy is kill them with kindness. That being said we should wish that in his death he finds some sort of peace that was clearly missing in his life. Hating him will not change what he did. Hating him will not restore the funerals he protested at. Hating him will only fill our own hearts with anger but it will do nothing to him or the church he leaves behind. If anything it will fuel their fire further. Lets be the bigger person here.

3) Finally, please try and remember that no matter how disgusting his beliefs were, he believed in them. He believed that what he was doing was for the right reasons. There is no doubt he was absolutely wrong and he hurt many people but he did believe in them. That being said, just because we believe we are right in hating him doesn’t make us right for doing it. Try and remember that even if we can’t agree with or understand someone they have their own reasons and in turn their own consequences. For those who believe in heaven and hell, he will be sure to pay there. For those who don’t remember that his punishment will come to him in another way. It is not our job to pass judgement or punishment.

I saw an interview done with this group by Russel Brand. And while I was shocked, the interview was actually extremely well done and I think we can all take a que from him. Check it out here:

I know this post might offend or insult people but I had to get it out. It really upsets me to see the way people are reacting and I am hoping at least one person will change the way they feel after reading it. If you made it through this whole post please let me know your thoughts on this below!



How Protective is Too Protective of Kids with Allergies?

One thing I gotta say about my book club is it makes for great blog content! Another debate we had at our last meeting was the way in which children are treated in regards to allergies. Now honestly I have no idea how we got on this topic. I can say with certainty it has NOTHING to do with the book. But we are all great debaters and somehow the convo took us there and debate we did. Now for the most part I was a spectator to this debate because honestly I was not sure what side of the fence I fell on…until now.

The debate was basically, are kids in school being coddled when it comes to allergies? The women were discussing how children (now we are talking preschool and elementary school kids) are sent to separate tables when they have severe allergies (i.e peanut allergies) and many schools even ask kids to avoid bringing foods with these ingredients to try and accommodate the other kids.

Now for me this is a tough one to look at. As you have seen from my previous posts I feel kids are way to coddled in schools (see Everyone is NOT a Winner). However, these kids are super young and don’t yet really understand their allergy. Although I am not yet a parent I think I would rather my future child come home and feel left out because of their allergy then not come home at all because they died or got sent to a hospital due to an accident.

The problem is everything goes to extremes. Schools are so afraid of doing something wrong that when they limit something they just basically rule it out entirely. Should the whole class suffer because my kid as an allergy? The answer should be no. However, unfortunately some kids have allergies so bad that even the smell could set them off. On top of that a teacher can’t help if another kid offers your kid something with said allergy in it. There are so many factors that the line becomes blurry.

So I turn to you bloggers. Are kids being too coddled in school when it comes to allergies or are schools making the right move?


Arrogance vs. Sarcasm

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time will know by now that I am sarcastic. Beyond sarcastic I am also brutally honest. This combination sometimes makes me come off as “mean”. There is something I want to make clear, often I am not trying to be mean, rather I am trying to be funny.

It has shocked me to learn that many (and I mean many) people do not understand nor appreciate sarcasm. My friends sarcasm is my second language, someone would even argue it is my primary language! I use it most often with the people I love. But there is something new I have learned that comes with sarcasm, people might think you are being arrogant.

This news came to me during our last book club meeting. The club had just read “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson and one of the comments was that they didn’t like that the author came off as “arrogant”. Now, I should state I am a very critical reader. If there is a detail to catch I will sniff that out like a bomb sniffing dog. And NOWHERE did I find this author being arrogant. In fact I found him rather funny.


Just for a little background, the book is about a man (Bill Bryson) who set out to hike the Applachian Trail. He details his journey and all that happens along the way.

As the person started stating the reasons they found him arrogant I realized that his sarcasm was coming off as arrogance. Here were here reasons in generic terms for those who did not read the book:

1) He had less than positive thoughts about the complete strangers he met on the trail:

Alright, yes he did think parts of Georgia was not the greatest town to be in. Yes he did come across people who were not exactly hikers and made fun of them. But please remember 95 % of this “making fun” he did was in his own head. He did not actually make fun of these people to their face. Yes, he chose to write these observations in his book but I think he was poking fun at himself as much as he was about the people he ran across. Many of the people he thought were a little nutty actually ended up being helpful to him or better than him on some part of his journey. I think he was poking fun at his own pre concieved notions just as much as he was poking fun at others as he met them.

2) He made fun of others technology on the trail:

Alright at one point he met a man who had a completely useless device on the trail and he made a comment of “does it bake cookies.” Yes the man got mad. But I think the reader should remember the author just embarked on a hiking journey with a man who got so fed up with the weight of his backpack that he threw out food! Yes food! He might have been poking a little fun at this man but I think in his head he had a little more reason to do so.

3) He acted like he knew more than some of the experienced hikers (which he was not):

Alright, this one is a bit of an exaggeration. I think he fully embraced the fact that he was an amateur. Yes he liked to believe he knew more than others but that fact came crashing down around him. Culminating in the end of the trail when these young hikers just walked right by them while they tried to trudge through water. I think we were supposed to laugh at his confidence because it became clear by the end of the book despite how confident he felt, he couldn’t complete a trail even a “grandma” completed.

I think the problem is people often feel that if someone makes a dry, less than nice joke, that they are intending to be mean. But sarcasm has many shapes, forms and reasons. I think its important to look past the comment and delve deeper into the meaning behind the comment.

If anyone has actually read this book I would love to hear if you felt the author was arrogant. If you have not read the book do you feel sarcasm comes off as arrogance?


Do you date your car?

So many of us have a special attachment to our cars. And with the possibility of sounding sexist I am willing to bet more men have an attachment to their car than woman. According to this survey done by Nationwide Insurance, 25 % of U. S Car owners have a “special name” for their car. Now this really didn’t surprise me. I have heard all the weird names and I have seen some really odd things that people put their cars through. Whether it be giving their car fake eyelashes, dressing their car up for Christmas or just “souping” their car up with lights or spinners. Yes people really like to go a little crazy when it comes to cars.

However, there was an episode of My Strange Addiction that really took this car craze onto a whole other level. A man actually had a RELATIONSHIP with his car. The episode creeped me out in so many ways. If you didn’t get to see the episode check out the clip below. Just be warned, you will shudder. With this episode in mind I decided to do a list of the top ten things ( in no particular order) a man can say to his car but should not say to his lover.

10) “I like the way you run”

9) I could sniff your gas all day.

8) I just want to suck all the dirt out of you!

7) I like it better when all my friends are inside you.

6) The view is better with your top down.

5) I’m debating letting you get rear ended for the money.

4) I can see your crack.

3) I think you need a wax.

2) It might be time to trade you in for a newer model.

1) I like that I can get mud all over you and even inside you and you don’t complain!

I am sure there are so many more that would be so wrong to say and I would love to hear them. Let me know some you can think of in the comments below! Don’t forget to enjoy the disturbing clip I promised :)


Ladies Agree: We All Get A Little Crazy Sometimes…

Alright girls, lets admit it, as a gender we can get a little emotional. Sometimes we get a little too angry over something that really isn’t that big of a deal. Sometimes we ball our eyes out at a chick flick and really can’t explain the reason behind it. Sometimes we get irrationally worried about things that will probably never happen. We as a gender can be an emotional bunch.

That is why it is not surprising for me to learn that many women have tried to inflict harm on their significant other or friend in the heat of a passionate argument. I know plenty of times I have imagined using a kitchen pot Saturday morning cartoon style just to get my point across. However, some women out there have really stretched their imaginations to find the most outrageous way to lash out during a fight. This post goes out to you ladies. The ones who have done something so extreme that the rest of us are left in shock and awe (and in some cases a little disgust). Here’s to hoping none of us EVER go this far:

3) Bond vs. USA:

This woman took chemicals from her work Rohm and Haas Co and sprinkled them on her friends car, door knob and mailbox after learning that her so called friend got pregnant by her husband. This case was so bizarre that it wasn’t even tried as just an attempted suicide but rather has a Chemical Weapons case. I have to say she gets points for thinking outside the box but loses points for getting caught.

2) Stabbed with a Squirrel:

A woman from South Carolina got so angry that her husband didn’t bring home beer on Christmas Eve that she beat him and then stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel. At least the man and the squirrel had something in common, they both had a thing for nuts!

The wrong kind of roadkill: We have all heard this story and I am sure we have all used it as a threat at one time or another, but lets face it its way too good and definitely wins the craziest woman fight hands down. Lorena Bobbit you will go down in history as the woman who went the most extreme. For those of you who live under a rock here is what this woman did: Lorena got outta bed in the middle of the night, cut off her husbands penis, got in the car (with severed manhood in hand) and then threw it out the window. Lucky for the man she had presence of mind after this and called 911 and he was able to get re-attached. But man oh man this takes the cake. Best part is I can’t figure out what she was angry about!

So ladies, when your man tells you, you are being too emotional remind him it could be soooo much worse!


I’m Very Superstitious…

With baseball season coming around the corner I can’t help but get excited. This girl is a huge baseball fan. In fact it is my most favorite sport hands down. I watch football semi regularly and I have even recently gotten in to hockey but baseball, well baseball will always have my heart.

That being said. This sport comes with a lot of superstitions. As with all sports we like to believe that our little rituals help out the team we are rooting for. Whether or not it works or not doesn’t really matter, its just something we hang on to. As any dedicated sports fan I have a few superstitions when it comes to the Red Sox and all that they entail:

1) If they are doing really well (like sweeping all teams) too early in the season, they are gonna struggle when it counts. Why you ask? Lets face it, Red Sox are known for making dramatic comebacks not for dominating all season long.

2) If I forget to watch a crucial game and they lose…they lost because I wasn’t watching. Yes, I am THAT important of a fan!

3) If some dumbass wears a NY Yankee well anything at Fenway Park they can be blamed for any loss or issues the Red Sox endure that game.

4) If Big Papi is struggling the whole team is struggling.

So maybe these aren’t superstitions but more fears that are a little odd but you get my meaning. Do you guys have any superstitions or fears when watching your favorite sports team?


“So Much Cooler Online…”

Alright as a blogger, we all meet people from all over the world. We befriend our online companions for their wit, their support, and their stories. But lets face it, do we really know any of them?

A friend of mine, Dana, over at Kiss My List said something I really loved on this topic, “This is tough – I love so many and I hate to play favorites. It’s also difficult because although I feel like I know some bloggers so well from their writing, I don’t know how they are in person. Do they snore? Are they slobs? Are they relaxed on vacation, or does every second have to be planned? So I’m taking the cowardly way out and not answering this question, but if anyone owns a beach house and would like some company, I’m your gal! Call me.”

After some thought I decided her quote really could lend itself to such a great blog post. So thanks Dana!

Some of my blogging buddies do post photos, so there is a face to the name. But then there are bloggers like me who never post a photo because we are camera shy (I’m working on it guys). On top of that there is so much about a person you just don’t learn online. We are able to present the best version of ourselves on here and make friends for the person we strive to be not necessarily the person we are. Although that is a plus, it also means that organic friendships with some of our blogging besties might not be plausible.

This brings me to a little story from my past. I think this dates back to when I was around 20. Before my blogging times. I made my online friends through online video games, X-box to be exact. I was pretty awesome on their. Mostly because I was one of VERY FEW females. And I gotta say I loved the attention! It was a nice break from my own reality and it was a way to build some confidence. Never did I guess that I would soon be meeting one of my gamer friends.

But I did.

A guy from Georgia came and actually ended up living with me for about 6 months. And I gotta say I was the one who was so much cooler online. He never had the confidence in himself that he had online but in reality he was a pretty amazing person. I wasn’t such a great person at that time. I was mean, heart broken, and depressed. Not a ton of fun. But he liked me for all of me and did a lot to help me get through a pretty tough spot in my life.

Anyway the point of this story is, we all do this in some way. Making ourselves just a little bit better for our online personality. As the years have gone on I have let more of “me” shine through but still I would say it is the better version of me.

For those who haven’t heard the song that helped inspire this post, please listen below:

Do you guys find yourself doing this or have you met anyone who does it? I’m curious to see how many “cool” online personas are out there.