I admit- I am a kill joy!

I know many of you bloggers enjoyed the Pharrel Williams song “Because I’m Happy.” I also know that when I commented on your posts about it I also mentioned that I did not care for it. I am not sure if it was because it was just way too up beat for me or if it was merely that the song got on my nerves. Either way I did not care for the song.

But then I watched the Lego Movie.

In that movie the “average guy” lego was obsessed with the song “Everything is Awesome.” The “lego master” girl that he falls in love with was highly irritated by the song. And I realized that in the lego movie I would be the “lego master” girl without all the awesome abilities. But in the movie it was showing that when someone is clouded by experiences they tend to be jaded and not be able to appreciate the simple things, like that song. That would explain my life. A song about being happy just doesn’t resonate with me because I spend my time caught up in everything else I don’t take the time to just be happy.

The songs really mirror each other and it was amazing to me how similar they are yet no one has pointed it out.

Here are just a few similarities:

Because I’m Happy: “Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,/Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,/
Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,

Everything is Awesome: “Lost my job, there’s a new opportunity/ More free time for my awesome community.”

They both show that even though bad things happen there is always a positive way to look at it.

Because I’m Happy:”Because I’m happy”

Everything is Awesome: “Everything is awesome,”

Their title repeats over and over and over and over throughout the song. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first 100x…

And both songs are very insistent that nothing will change how they feel. They are happy because everything is awesome and nothing will get in the way of that!



I think after seeing this movie and comparing the two songs I need to take the time to enjoy the simple things. I need to be able to just be happy and see how awesome life is. The songs might be irritating but their point is clear. Life is too short to not be happy.


So be happy my friends and happy Friday!



Lego Date Night!

I know you guys love when I post my date nights, so I am back to post another one! I will admit this one was a bit lame because money was tight so I am going to add a little section on how I would add to the date if I could do it again.

So this date night was centered around the “Lego Movie”. I decided I wanted to do this because my little nephew constantly has references like “where is my pants?” and “Everything is awesome” (be on the look-out for this song in Friday’s blog.) I knew at this point that we had to see the movie and since I knew my boyfriend absolutely adored legos as a kid I thought this was a perfect combination for date night!

Now my original plan was to have the night’s “activity” be where we create characters from movies out of legos. The person who got the closest to making a lego version of a character would win a prize. However I quickly learned that buckets of legos just aren’t sold in stores. According to my by, you must buy multiple sets of legos and create your own bins to have such a thing. Who knew? So this is the activity we settled on:

lego date night

Not bad for one night but there was so much more we could have added to make the theme that much better. 

How about a lego costume?

Or lego food?

Or even this awesome lego game?

What would you have added to this date night to make it more legotastic?


10 Random Phone Photos

So for today’s post I decided to join in on my blogging friend Dana’s Tuesday Linkup (on Friday). I know I am a bit late but I loved the idea she had and I thought it would be fun. So here it is!

The topic for the link-up is 10 random photos you find on your phone. Now when I set out to do this I planned on posting pictures that didn’t make it to ANY social media. But then I realized I am an addict! Even the worse photos have made it to some sort of social media site. So instead I have rounded up photos that never made it to blogland, so basically “new-to-you” (am I a car salesman?). Well without further adieu here is what I found lurking in my phone:





Bath time with the pooch! Clearly she is not a fan of water- or me after the bath. Still couldn’t help grabbing a photo of her. She is still cute when she is mad!


carBefore you start worrying, NO THIS IS NOT MY CAR! However we passed it when going into a store and I thought to myself “damn that person must have really pissed someone off.” I took the picture to remind myself that things could always be worse!






Now this photo sucks! But if you look REALLY close on the top left corner you can see smoke coming from that building. This was taken at the mall where we went to celebrate my birthday. The parking garage (that we parked our car in) was on fire. After some research we learned that a car essentially blew up in there. Yup, these things only happen when I go out!



So this is my shower head- notice the hole around it? Well long story short our shower was leaking into the apartment below us. This was the “fix” that occurred. Still have the hole to this day…

5) jet ski

This was taken last week. My first time riding a jet ski! Don’t mind the love handles!


This was one of my many Saver’s finds! A Marvel version of Monopoly! Look closely, see the penny and quarter? That is the draw back of Savers shopping- no game pieces were included. Still overall a pretty cool find for a few bucks!


So on Tuesday nights my sister and I get together to watch Pretty Little Liars and very often we experiment with nail art. I will be the first to tell you I am not artistic. But I was pretty happy with my minion nails!

8) surprise

One random day I came home to this surprise from my boyfriend. Flowers and scratch tickets! Sometimes he can be a real sweetheart :)


This is one of two $100 winning lottery tickets I have gotten since my boyfriend and I got together. Does that mean being with him is like winning the lottery? ;)


And this was the view from dinner a few weeks back! We wanted to watch the sunset so after dinner we walked down the beach that the restaurant was on and found this little spot. Loved the colors of the sky!


So there you have it! A little bit of me through the lens of my camera (on my phone). Did you learn anything new?


Lemony Chicken with Spinach

The one thing I generally do not do when it comes to cook is try to make up my own recipe. This would be the exception. I had pretty much a whole bag of spinach, left-over chicken (from a buy one get one free sale) and pasta. I knew that somehow this combination needed to be a meal.

I looked through Google and Pinterest but could not find a recipe that would not require that I go out and get additional ingredients. Having to do this would defeat the purpose of using the leftovers to make a meal. So I decided to make something up.

Here is what I came up with:

Lemony Chicken with Spinach:

What you need:

1 cup of lemon juice

2 boneless/ skinless chicken breasts

1 tbsp nutmeg

2 cups of spinach

1 box of pasta


1) Boil the pasta;

2) Cube the chicken;

3) Place chicken in pammed pan with lemon juice;

4) Cook chicken through then add spinach and nutmeg.

5) Serve over al dente pasta.


lem spinach chick

The only complaint I had about this dish was it was too “lemony”. I found when re-heated it was just right but on first bite it was a bit powerful. I think cutting down the lemon portion to 1/2 cup might help if you are not a huge lemon fan.

Try this out and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like You!

Now I realize that many people are posting about the shocking passing of Robin Williams. I am sorry to say that I am going to be another one of those people. Mostly because I am really disgusted by all the negativity I have seen regarding it and I feel the need to share my thoughts in order to hopefully convert at least one negative nancy and make them see why we are all devastated over the loss of this comic genius.

As a kid growing up, Disney was of course my movie of choice. Aladdin was a movie I probably watched 5,000 times over. The Genie was absolutely one of the best characters. Ever since I heard the news that Robin Williams passed I can not get the song “Friend Like Me” out of my head. Honestly, from everything I have read about him, I truly believe those that were blessed enough to be his friend really never had a friend like him nor will they ever again.

What people seem to be forgetting is that he was such a generous man. There are stories from starting out stand up comics, cancer patients and fellow comedians that all agree he was one of the nicest (and funniest) men on earth. All people seem to be focusing on is that he took his own life. I have heard comments like “who cares?”, “he was selfish”, “must’ve been his marriage” and so many other insensitive remarks. But the fact is he openly struggled with addiction and depression. Ultimately that is what took his life, he did not take his own.

As someone who has dealt with depression I can tell you that logic is not a large factor. Often you feel emotions so strong and overwhelming that whether or not they are logical really does not seem relevant. The fact is you feel so alone and so powerless to these emotions that it becomes hard to see past them. It becomes hard to think of anything other than finding a way out.

It’s so hard to see that a man that had such a powerful impact on so many lives could not overcome the pain. I would like to share a few things he taught me:

1) In Aladdin he taught me that sometimes being a friend can be one of the most important jobs of all. Without the Genie Aladdin would have never completed his task;

2) In Goodwill Hunting he taught me that love is what matters at the end of the day. Until you have felt true love you have never really lived.

3) In Flubber he taught me to never give up. His character ran in to many problems but he ultimately succeeded.

Each character he portrayed had a good moral message along with lots of laughs. I feel he put a little of himself in to each character which made them easier to relate to.

Recently my boyfriend and I went to find the bench Robin Williams and Matt Damon had a chat on in Goodwill Hunting. While we are not sure we found the correct bench we found the location. I took a picture from one of the benches:

Boston Common

Now my goal is to return there to see the memorial that his fans have set up for him there. I am sure it is a sight to see.

Lastly, I want to say to his daughter Zelda, do not listen to the hateful comments of the inter-webs. These are what I like to call trolls. They do not know your father and they are making wild assumptions and accusations based on media hype that they don’t care to understand. Your father touched me through his movies just as he did so many other people. That is what you need to remember. Do not let the negative people get a hold of you. Do not let them win!

To my blogging buddies, I would love to hear some of the ways Robin Williams touched your life. Please share in the comments below!


Chicken Caesar Wraps!

One thing I love when it comes to dinner is quick and easy! When I was introduced to these wraps I was super excited because the total time it takes to make them is literally like ten minutes! And what’s even better? The boy could help!

So without further adieu here is the recipe:

What you need:

Wraps (I used regular white wraps- but whatever you like works)

Pre-cooked chicken strips

Caesar Salad pack (comes with salad, dressing and croutons)

Worcestershire Sauce





Place chicken in pan with a little Worcestershire Sauce, salt, pepper and garlic. Two to three minutes tops as the chicken is cooked.

Get together your ceasar salad in a large mixing bowl. (I had the boy do this while I heated the chicken up)

Roll it together in a wrap!


And thats all folks!

The only thing I would do differently next time is buy extra croutons. The Caesar Salad pack kinda cheap out on the croutons and I like a little crunch in my wrap. But other than that it will be a great go-to recipe for those busy week nights!

What do you guys think? Any other ways to jazz it up?


Doc Brown and Uncle Fester just might be the same person (at least the same actor)!

So the other day I was flipping through channels and I came across the Adams Family. There will never come a day when I am not in the mood to watch the Adams Family. As a kid I wanted to be just like Wednesday. I realize she is an odd role model choice, but needless to say I was an odd kid.

Anyways while watching the movie I realized many of the actors have gone on to be characters in other movies that I love and I just never noticed. The one that stood out the most to me was Uncle Fester. The eyes looked oh so familiar but I couldn’t place how I knew him. So I whipped out my computer and found out the actor was Christopher Lloyd. So I jumped on to IMDB and there it was Christopher Llyod is also the actor who plays Doc in Back to the Future!! Like what?!

I was literally shocked. These two characters never connected to me before and I was so fascinated I had to dig a little more. And you know what I have decided? It is actually kinda perfect that they are played by the same actor because they are basically the same person. I know it is a stretch but here is why:

1) Their fascination and troubles with electricity: Uncle Fester is said to have the ability to conduct electricity which he acquired by being electrocuted. Doc Brown has a fascination with electricity which leads him to his funky hair and multiple electrocutions throughout the movies.

2) Both are considered “eccentric”: Both these characters are considered eccentric for their own reasons. Uncle Fester is a bit socially awkward. He is gentle and caring with his family but then does odd things like putting his head in a crank press to relieve his headaches. Doc Brown is also quite caring with Marty McFly but comes off as brash and in some cases pretty stupid with his ideas that tend to fail over and over again.

3) The hair: Okay yes their hair don’t look alike at all- but the characters are certainly recognizable by their hair. Uncle Fester has absolutely none. So little that it would be assumed that it was all lost when he got electrocuted. Doc Brown has crazy mad scientist hair- a look that was also probably derived from electrocution.

4) Their love of dogs: Uncle Fester created “Butcher” as a present for Pugsley. This went a bit awry when the dog began to devour hair. Doc Brown went back in time to retrieve his dog Einstein- not even sure he suceeded. Either way both of them did something for a dog and it didn’t quite turn out the way they planned.


This might all be a bit of a stretch but the connection between the two characters with a shared actor was too fun to ignore! Do you guys see any other connections between these two great Christopher Lloyd characters?