AirForce One Date Night

I know this post is a day late and I missed my post on Friday BUT I got a new job! I now do sales and marketing for a local print shop. And guess what? I love my boss! It is great to work with people who like to hear your input and appreciate your efforts.

But enough about my sob story as to why I am delayed in blogging and on to the post!

Now as I told you before, all my date nights do not go over great. There are times I just miss the mark. This was one of those times. I am still sharing the date with you in hopes that it might be a home-run for someone else.

The movie this date night revolved around was AirForce One. This was my first mistake. Although my boyfriend is a huge war movie buff, he had already seen this movie and was not in love with it. I still need to check the movie out but because of this theme, he was less than enthused about the date.

I started the night by sending him a text with this challenge:


I thought this would be a fun way to end a long day. What I didnt realize is that he was exhausted from his day at work and did not really want to be doing anything too physical. Fail.

The other part of this that failed on my end is I never got around to doing the little “extras” that make the night that much better. I had planned to make some water bottle airplanes but never got around to it.

So needless to say this was a date night that failed but could be some fun for you.

I am always curious of your thoughts. What do you think could’ve been done to save this date night?


PrintableWallStory review!

As I have mentioned before, one thing I feel is a blogger’s duty is to help small shops get their name out. Today I want to introduce all my lovely readers to a little Etsy shop called: PrintableWallStory. This shop is wonderful for the quote lover like me!

Just take a browse through the shop you will find multiple prints to suit so many needs. The prices are reasonable and the best part is it is sent directly to your email as soon as you purchase it! I made a purchase over the weekend. I got one to have in my home with my wonderful boyfriend:


I honestly love everything about this print! The color is a bit different than it is showing on this post but the overall idea is right. One thing I love is I can do whatever I want with it.

As someone who works in a print shop, ideas for this run wild! I think I am going to have this printed on Matte Vinyl and mounted on wood to get the look of a chalkboard. I think this will be a great whimsical addition to my small apartment!

Bloggers I urge you to look around the shop and comment below about your favorite pieces.


BONUS: All readers from my blog are eligible for a discount until the beginning of October! Use the code CESTLAVIE and automatically get 50% off your purchase!




Make-Up does not change who I am!

This is a topic I have been toying with doing for awhile. The problem is, if written wrong it can seem a little vain. And that is by no way my attention. I want to start this post by saying if you are taking what I am saying the wrong way, please do not attack me in the comments but instead ask questions and I will be happy to clarify!

That being said, my rant today is going to be on the difference make-up makes and why I do not think it is fair. I am not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog before but I am a VERY low-maintenance girl. I love the idea of being out of my house in about ten minutes in the morning. This means that my hair hardly ever gets brushed never mind styled, I very rarely wear makeup, and my clothing is far from the chic outfits people purchase from Banana Republic. Jeans and sweatshirts suit me just fine.

Love Marilyn but this is NEVER me!

However, there are times when I just feel like looking nice. For example, the day after getting my hair cut, I tend to enjoy dressing up just a bit. Splashing some make-up on my face and adding a few curls to my fresh cut. I think when my hair looks pretty I just want everything else to match. Those same days I tend to pick a classier outfit and even break out the heels.

My issue is the reactions people have to this. I have had multiple bosses talk with me about how much better it would be if I put time into my appearance. Now they had some reasoning behind this because many jobs I have been in, I have been the focal person for the office. I have been a waitress, a front desk type person and a marketing person. All these jobs mean that my face is associated with the company.

That being said, how I choose to present myself is what should matter. I do not show up in dingy clothing with holes and dirt on them. I shower consistently and use body spray and perfume. And I have great oral hygeine. Beyond that I don’t feel anyone should be able to judge my appearance.

But this even goes beyond the work place. People in public treat me entirely differently. If I am dressed up and having a fancy day, people say hello to me, people hold doors for me, I have even had my coffee purchased for me. But those same people will walk past me without making eye contact and slam a door in my face when I didn’t take the time to “put my face on.”

I would love to say this is limited to the opposite sex. I would then be able to assume that this is based on whether or not they are attracted to me. But it’s not. My favorite coffee lady at Dunkin calls me “hunny” and has great small talk with me ONLY on the days I choose to dress up. The rest of the days she just gets me my order and moves on to the next customer.

Why do we do this? I am the same person regardless of how much effort I choose to put into my appearance that day. We should be treating people with respect because they are people not based on their appearance.

I want to believe this…but…

Do you find yourself doing this fellow bloggers? Have you ever treated someone differently based on their appearance?


Nut Free Spinach Pesto!

I am sure I have mentioned this on the blog before- but this girl is allergic to nuts. This makes a few things tough to eat. But nonetheless I like to try different things. I tend to get bored with the same old thing over and over so I am constantly on the look-out for something good and different. After a particular dinner I had a bunch of left over spinach and no idea what to do with it. I reached out to the vast knowledge of Facebook users and got an interesting idea, Spinach Pesto over pasta.

After this was suggested to me I took to Google. To my dismay I learned that this is generally made with nuts. No bueno! So I searched again and found this recipe. This also gave me an excuse to whip out my blender I had yet to use!

The pesto came out great we would only change a few things. To start more olive oil! The pesto was super hard to blend so I found myself adding more and more olive oil to get the creamy consistency we were going for.

Also, the pesto absolutely needs to be heated! Cold pesto on hot pasta is not ideal. If the pesto was warmer I am sure it would have been a hit.

Finally, MORE CHEESE. Can never had enough cheese right? This recipe needed some cheese to jazz it up a bit! Might hurt the health factor a little but still it is an overall healthy meal!


Do you guys have a favorite pesto you like over pasta? Share in the comments below!


When is it NOT okay to show your support?

I want to start this post off by apologizing for not posting on Monday. There are a few life changes in the works which have made things rather hectic! But hopefully I will be able to post about them soon!

On to the post!

This week marked the anniversary of 9/11. As someone in the Marketing world I know how important it is for companies to show that they are aware of the events of the world and not entirely centered on making a profit. Many companies do this by donating to charity, participating in community events (i.e Ice Bucket Challenge) and making timely posts surrounding holidays.

However, when events such as 9/11 come up, there is a lot of controversy about how a company should handle it. Companies like Build a Bear posted about their support, and the public reacted so negatively they were forced to take down their post. Here was Build a Bear’s post:

In my opinion this was a very tasteful post and shows that they are conscious of an event very close to many people’s heart. However, many people felt the post was distasteful because they felt the company was “pushing” their product. I would agree with this if there was a link included to buy the bear or any of the accessories. However, this is not the case. The company simply used their image to show support. I see nothing wrong with that.

However, being new in the marketing world I am curious about this. This is why I want to turn to you. Do you think companies should refrain from posting this sort of support on an event so near and dear to the hearts of many?

Let me know your thoughts!


I am a parking failure!

I don’t know about you, but I am a parking failure! I don’t mean that I park kinda bad. I mean a flat out failure. I am the girl that parks at the absolute last spot in a parking lot to make sure I am not near any other cars. Not only do I fear hitting cars while I try to park but I also fear pissing off new parkers by my sideways parking job.

This is not new information but when I saw this article on Hello Giggles I knew I was not alone. It really is true that no one would love me if they saw me park before it was too late.

My poor boyfriend has to constantly drive places because it is very clear I won’t be able to park. Parallel parking? Forget a bout it! Tiny parking lot, probably shouldn’t even try. Small parking spaces? Not this girl. The trouble is endless and I am sure frustrating for someone who does not suffer this disability.

So to start off my Friday I decided to check out googles best “bad parkers”. Here are my top 3:

1) Well this one way to make a spot for yourself:

2) I don’t know if this is bad parking or just a smart self serving parker:

3) Why it is NEVER smart to park in front of a fire hydrant…

Are you a parking failure? Tell me about some of your experiences!


Ramen Noodle Upgrade

Sometimes when I give the boy the chance to pick what he wants for dinner…the results are surprising to say the least. This particular night he said he wanted something with ramen noodles and water chestnuts. Yup he is an odd ball. But lucky for me google is my best bud and I stumbled upon this website.

Didn’t have to read to far (and believe me I didn’t bother continuing to read), I found exactly what I was looking for.

This is what the website called for:

Turn your ramen into a stir-fry. Toss your noodles into a wok with some snap peas, water chestnuts, sliced carrots and chopped broccoli and you’ve got yourself a economical approach to a culinary classic. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous — and if your bank account permits — marinate some chicken with some soy sauce, ginger and garlic powder and toss it in the skillet before adding your noodles and vegetables for a bit of added flair.”

To start with I don’t own a wok- nor did I know what one was at the time. So a regular sauce pan had to work. Google however helped me learn what a wok was since the cooking event. For those curious, here ya go:

On top of the wok, I was also missing soy sauce when the cooking happened. Ya see the story there is simple. Only days before, we had cleaned out the fridge and my boyfriend (with all the best intentions) threw out the soy sauce in the fridge. I did not know this while at the grocery store…soo no soy sauce.

Anyways after it was all cooked and ready to eat we both agreed it was missing something (soy sauce?). So what did we add? The dry packet of beef seasoning from the ramen pack. And let me tell you it was amazing! So here is my slightly modified recipe!



Water Chestnuts




Snap Peas

Garlic Powder

Beef Seasoning Packet.

Start by cooking the chicken covered in garlic powder and ginger.

In another pan boil water- add in ramen noodles after water has boiled. Cook for 3 minutes.

Once the chicken is mostly cooked add in the rest of the ingredients cooking until warm.

Serve over ramen noodles. Add beef seasoning packet on top of entire meal.

Bon Apetite!


This was a great variation to a already easy recipe! Hope you enjoy it!


What ways have you upgraded your ramen noodles?